Marissa Maldonado

Information Systems Security Officer, Coker Group

Marissa Maldonado joined Coker Group in 2010 as a consultant specializing in Managed IT Services, Managed Cyber Security Services, Security Risk Assessments, Cyber Security education, IT gap analysis, and Digital Strategy. Marissa focuses on identifying key resources within an environment ranging in finance, specialists, strategy, and policy for Cyber Security Assessments and Network Assessments. Marissa provides ongoing oversight to a wide range of Managed IT and Managed Cyber Security clients. This oversight allows her to provide perspective into environments and where their IT gaps and risks lie. Marissa also works extensively in Microsoft 365 environments and provides analysis on how to optimize workflow through Microsoft 365 applications.

Marissa also manages the Coker Group’s internal IT support. She has designed and implemented the Coker Group internal Help Desk which also allows her to manage ongoing staff satisfaction and client experience.

Related Experience: IT Business Analyst, IT Project Management, Managed IT Services and Managed Cyber Security Services Account Management.

  • Board Member for CHAMPS (Community Health and Men’s Promotion Summit), a nonprofit that focuses on lessening the gaps between life expectancy of men and women by helping them understand the importance of early detection and intervention. For CHAMPS, she is the project manager for the software development, the IT infrastructure & implementation, volunteer team, and onsite support for the annual Health Summit.

Certified leader and fundraising chair for Atlanta Inspiring Connections Outdoors who takes underprivileged youth on outdoor excursions.