Brandon Betancourt

Brandon wants to live in a world where independent medical practices remain relevant, sustainable and profitable (on their terms).

With over 20 years of leadership and management experience, Brandon brings unique insight and a wealth of experience. He has an extensive background
in business strategy, marketing, and organizational behavior.

In 2004, with his wife - and pediatrician - Brandon co-founded Salud Pediatrics, a private practice in the wester-suburbs of Chicago. In this role, he oversees and manages all administrative responsibilities for the practice.

Fiercehealth, Medical Economics, AMA News, and Medscape have spotlighted Brandon. He has also contributed articles on practice management to
Pediatric Consultant 360 online, and AAP News. Brandon has been a faculty member for the American Academy of Pediatrics, National Conference and Exhibition - as well as local AAP chapters events - lectured at the Pediatric Institute Conference and other industry events.

When Brandon is not busy analyzing Salud Pediatrics' Account Receivables or working with companies to cultivate behaviors that create momentum for change, you can find him writing professional bios in the third person.